When the Quiet Space Is Vacated

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It's not hard to find the quiet space: 

First off, it's right in the center, at the top - and it's easy to tell the main trunk from any branches, both by location (center!) and potency.

Secondly, there are all the resonating confirmations: the nectar, the thrumming, the sudden broadened perspective.

So it's not as if anyone got lost, no matter what they say.

It's really more a matter of vacating - perhaps even vacation.

The scattering of the light: go forth and multiply! Of course, no one said, forget yourself.

But it happens.


Where am I? 

That's the most likely initial question that comes forth when one has lost one's way. Often accompanied by panicked scanning of the surroundings, and perhaps the rending of garments, both literal and figurative, such a query may indicate the first dim light of remembering. 

But the descent to the admission of not-knowing is not the first step: it is the base. And, given the lost state that landed the protagonist there, finding the quiet space would be perhaps the best that one could do.

Of course, it rarely happens. More likely, memory is leveraged to create an image out of of trauma, and that image then provides a seeming path forward. Never mind that it is a path inward; assiduously followed, it may in itself lead to the quiet place. Or, to another heart-breaking, mind-shattering dead end, eventually terminating where one began: at not-knowing.

Welcome back.

The secret that nothing is everything is not well known, despite its being trumpeted relentlessly by existence. Its converse, usually instructional when encountered, is more commonly acknowledged, especially  in the particular: things are nothing. But whereas the aforementioned secret is liberating and expanding, the latter is usually experienced as a downer: illusion, loss, death. 

The good news is, back to not-knowing.

Once back, the opportunity to regain the quiet space again presents itself. Navigation is straight-forward - after all, there's nowhere to go - and every other place is noisy, changeable and distracting.

So it is recommended to regain the quiet space. Straight up, into the resonance, the thrumming is a palpable guide, and nectar, although simply an inherent attribute, greets one like a reward.

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