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A Hole in the Middle of the World

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I discovered that there's a hole in the middle of the world.
Like so many other things, I stumbled upon this - or into this - accidentally.

One day, feeling a bit put out, I just looked up and saw, much to my astonishment, the walls of the hole ascending far above me - and there, far away, at the top, a blur of light - the surface, from which I had so precipitously and unconsciously fallen.

Holy shit!, I thought, this is the same thing that happened to me yesterday! And the day before. And the day before that. Oh, wait - no, not the day before that - I don't think I fell into the hole on that particular day. The sense of displacement, disorientation, disconnection - entirely absent that day. Well, la di dah. What a great day that was. Yeah.

Anyway, not to be flippant, but... really - I was stunned. This explained so much! Why hadn't I noticed this before? Surrounded by walls, steep, clammy, unscalable - and I moseyed along as if everything was straightforward, a-ok, copacetic... No wonder things just haven't seemed to add up lately.


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As quiet as the wind whistling through the hollowed shell, as quiet as the grave
as empty as that hope has proved to be, as vacant as an abandoned vow
the hollow in your cheek, untouched, the wind across our faces
as we turn our backs on the day

but what tomorrow comes? more voidal entropy, sagacious, potency unused
sorry? to whom? flesh razor-sliced, crimson so deep there is no recalling
we join there, the distant shore. it's too bad,
it's how it is. the sun
an amber disc.

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